Our core Values

The following core values will serve to guide ASM to achieving its Vision

  • Creativity

    ASM welcomes innovative approaches and concepts to problem-solving.

  • Initiative

    ASM has a willingness to purse new ideas and take responsibility

  • Quality

    ASM is determined to consistently deliver high-quality deliver products and services which offer value for money to our customers, by applying ourselves to innovative thinking and actions.

  • Customer-centric

    ASM’s top priority is to listen to our customers and to delight them by exceeding their needs and

  • Stakeholder Value Creation

    ASM aims to add value for all our stakeholders through forming strategic partnerships right across the supply chain.

Corporate Commitment

ASM has the strength, agility and awareness to focus its efforts on building proficiency to exceed our customers expectations such that we stand out in the upcoming entrepreneur crowd. We are avid and committed to offering products and services that offer value for money.

Social Commitment

ASM is committed to black empowerment in South Africa and supports various initiatives that will lead to skills development in under-privileged communities.